I know I bitch enough about our weather but today’s temperatures are a sign of good things to come. But right now I am on the fence with this because I would rather it be a high of 40 and sunny than a high of 57 and raining. It’s that time of years here, April showers bring May flowers. I guess when it comes down to it for me I need actual sunlight over heat. Have you ever noticed how it can be cold outside but with the sun being bright it always seems less cold? Saturday was a prime example of this with temps in the low 40’s but with bright sunshine.  Today I should be out at the botanical gardens taking photos but it’s dreary and muddy so instead I will fold laundry in our equally dreary basement.

A temperature of 57 is the highest temperature we’ve seen in at least five months. Did I forget to mention this winter brought the fourth largest amount of show in Michigan history? At least that’s what someone at work told me.

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