Day: March 20, 2008


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  AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A shoplifter looking to make a quick getaway from a Dutch supermarket after stealing a packet of meat left police a crucial piece of evidence — his 12-year-old son.

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In his haste the 45-year-old thief made a solo dash to his car, batting away a supermarket worker who had flung himself on the vehicles’ bonnet in a bid to stop the escape.

Police in the southern Dutch town of Kerkrade said they managed to contact the thief via the boy, but he had refused to return and collect his son. The man told officers to get hold of the youngster’s mother instead.

The thief later turned himself in Thursday, a police spokeswoman said.

(Reporting by Alexandra Hudson; Editing by Matthew Jones)

First off for this guy to simply steal a packet of meat tells me he and his son were having a hell of a time making ends meat, no pun intended, and just wanted something to eat. I’m not at all saying he was in the right because it’s wrong to steal but damn I feel bad for him and his kid, enough so I wish I knew his address so I could send him something. Second, what kind of idiot would throw himself on the hood of a car for some damn meat!?!? It’s just MEAT and it’s not even yours making it totally not worth having your head run over. In the end you come out not the hero who saved the day but the jerk who probably lost his job for being such a liability. Either way if you’re going to rob a store for a flank ALWAYS be sure you either don’t take this kids or just leave them in the car.

For some reason this store has me craving meat!