Day: March 4, 2008


go away

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Just over two weeks and it’s Spring at last! A time of year when the sun begins to creep from behind the clouds not only bringing brightness, which always makes it seem warmer, but really bringing warmth. While I  can’t wait for Summer I do appreciate the things that come with spring like the smell of moist warm earth, buds on trees, birds singing, buried paths resurfacing with an invitation to walk and smile at nature. My camera and I will make the best of that for sure. I have to admit the early part of spring can be rather dreary though with brown dead growth from the previous year and occasional snow shower with winter jabbing back as if out of jealousy.

In true Michigan fashion we will have one of more MAJOR snow storms before true celebration begins. Right now it’s 25F and windy with 3-5″ of snow expected by morning and more on the way. I’m not surprised but I am disappointed in this turn considering just two days ago we had a high of 50f. They say you can experience all the seasons in a single week here which is true.

I wish I could just sleep for the next month.