Improvised workout

Today I was doing workout #3 but having a difficult time with some of the exercises. I think I overdid it in the beginning so by the time I got half way into the routine my arms were like noodles. As a result I had to grab some exercises from workout #2 which focus on the mid section, not so bad considering I was still able to get in a good workout.

It must be the weather, a few inches of snow last night, because there were hardly any people in the gym other than the usual crowd that probably wouldn’t miss for anything. Having fewer people in the gym works to my advantage as I don’t have to wait for benches or free weights. It’s a great gym but the area with dumbbells has only two incline benches and today there were three huge guys using one of them the whole time. These guys were pushing some serious fucking weight too.

Leaving the gym I was feeling pretty spent but craving some cardio. I have to admit there’s more satisfaction for me when I do HIIT than weight training. With weight training I often feel disappointed in what little weight I am able to pull but I know it’s just something that will take time and dedication to improve. I have to stick with it to see results. When I pulled in the driveway I decided to break out the snow shovel, something I NEVER do, and clean up the driveway and sidewalk. My neighbors will probably appreciate it and it was a little workout for me too. A win win I suppose but not something I plan to make a habit of.

I would love to make it up to the gym tomorrow for some HIIT but my schedule is so full I don’t think I will get the chance. Thursday I will continue my workout plan.

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