working it out

My eating has continued to be decent with an occasional treat but my weight remains at 155 which is good and bad. The good is I know I am not gaining fat but I’m also not gaining as much muscle as I would like. I was hoping to be up to around 163 by now with the gain being in muscle mass. This is mostly due to not working out as much as I should. The idea was to weight train three times a week and do HIIT once a week but it’s been more like lifting twice a week with HIIT happening next to never. I’ve never been good with maintaining a constant routine so I need to mix it up a little especially on those days I don’t want to go. 

This Saturday and Sunday my wife and I went to the gym together for some HIIT and damn it felt great! We were there for a short time, about 30 minutes with ten minutes of warm up and cool down, but left sweaty and definitely feeling like we got in a good workout. Really I’m not so focused on losing lots of fat so doing HIIT will be limited to once a week hopefully with my wife on the weekends.

Tomorrow I’m doing Workout #3 of the Growth Accelerator Workout which will put me on the schedule of Tuesday workout 3, Thursday workout 1 and Saturday or Sunday workout 2. As I predicted I’m finding myself getting tired of trying to get in good shape but I have a weapon that wasn’t available in the past which is my wife who is going at it strong and inspires me with her determination and how far she’s come in this lifestyle.

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