buffet blues

I’ve been trying to stay away from Asian style buffets considering there’s seldom anything healthy served and it’s difficult to find one around here with decent food. There’s a local spot that’s, in my opinion, particularly bad tasting but for some reason ends up in front of me at least twice a year. There’s never a time when I think, damn china king sounds good as hell right now, and in fact when I think of the place I curl my upper lip in disgust. 

Tonight was one of those nights I decided to give it another try and had a plan to stick with simple white rice, chicken and vegetables. Seriously, how can you fuck up something so simple? Walking up to the buffet the idea of actually enjoying myself crossed my mind until I reached the display of doom. The selection is always really limited to breaded and fried everything with one or two trays being somewhat healthy, I served myself a “normal” sized portion and began my effect eating. Sure enough it was bland and required a good amount of soy sauce to even remotely enjoy. My co-workers on the other hand had heaps of fried chicken and beef smothered in sweet-n-sour sauce which I have to admit look way better than what was on my plate. No matter, I wasn’t about to waste a bad/unhealthy meal on the likes of the stuff served in that place.

Being disappointed already was made all the worse by the sorry excuse for what they call coffee. Its one thing to serve cheap crummy coffee but to water it down is just taking it to another level of shit hole dinning. Even with two crèmes and two sugars it still tasted bad. Hell, with all the doctoring I did to this meal I should have just got a damn plate of sweet and sour chicken with fried rice, I’m so damn unsatisfied which can lead to really bad decisions like chocolate doughnuts from the machine down the hall. I’m not even going there.

In the end it serves me right for thinking it would somehow be different.


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