Day: February 14, 2008



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My week has been less than great concerning my eating habits. I’ve tried to stay the course and continue to eat plenty of vegetables but having gone out to eat at least twice I’ve had things I might not have otherwise eaten. A big part of the issue is not preparing, and sticking with, meals at home. We have plenty of “good” food but I think I only cooked one meal, stir fry, this week. That was really good and I finished it up for lunch yesterday but today I had a three egg omelet w/spinach and feta cheese. Unfortunately the breakfast came with hash-browns which I ate almost all of.

Finishing that off I figured at least the rest of my night would be good until I got to work and a co-worker displayed cookies. I didn’t even think not to eat them and promptly grabbed two along with two hershey’s kissed. They were delicious but now I feel guilty. I’m not even going to beat myself up over it though but I’m just worried that things could be back to the way they were with no concern of self control. My weight has been the same for at least two months now but this week with the bad food choices and having gone to the gym only once, I’m feeling crummy. Tomorrow we’re going to Chicago. A trip I know will involve some bad food choices. I’m looking forward to the trip AND the food.

Come Monday it’s time to really focus and get back at healthy food and regular exercise.