Day: February 7, 2008


snow and grass

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I’m a lazy bastard for sure. Last year I hired someone to cut my grass once a week knowing damn well I could have found the time to get outside and do it myself. But for fear of having the “hillbilly” house on the block I figured having it done for $25 is the better option. I have to admit though it was weird being in my house doing nothing in particular while these guys are out in my yard doing what should be my job.  Like a little bitch hiding behind the blinds I waited for them to finish before I looked outside to see if they did it right. I have a weedwacker and alright lawnmower so this year I’m saving the $100 a month and getting my ass outside. Besides I love the sunshine and sweat that comes with those hot Summer days.

Now concerning shoveling snow that’s a job that just sucks all the way around. There’s nothing enjoyable about going out in the cold working over your back to shovel snow when I know damn well it’s going to melt in less than a week. While ALL my neighbors get outside right away to push away that 1″ of snow and stay on top of it until it stops I sit in my warm house. When it melts in a few days I laugh and call myself the winner on the block remembering how they all froze and did the “right” and neighborly thing by keeping their walks nice and clean so people can have a pleasant walk about. If you don’t like walking in snow stay your ass inside.