week three

Entering my third week of the growth accelerator workout and once again I’m mixing up the days. This week I plan to workout on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with perhaps one day of cardio. My plan was to implement cardio into my workout schedule but it’s not something I’ve stuck with up to this point. At first I had a workout partner on the weekends which worked great but for whatever reason we’ve not been to the gym together in a while. So far I’m very happy with the results I’ve seen as my body fat has no doubt gone down with my muscle mass going up slightly. By the beginning of next month I plan to get another assessment to see where my numbers are except cardio, I know that still sucks.

My eating has been pretty good for a while now with staying away from an excess of junk food or things that don’t add much value to my diet. The only true weakness I have right now is Starbucks almond vanilla latte which to be honest is something I WILL continue to enjoy for as long as they have the almond. After that I’ll have to consider other options but I’m not saying that choice will be really good either. Really I don’t want to completely limit myself to only healthy food because that’s just not realistic for me and would probably result in things slipping back to the way they were with a really bad diet. 


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