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My current workout plan is to focus on building muscle utilizing the Growth Accelerator Workout  three days a week with cardo. training on one of the off days. During this workout I need to consume more calories than I typically would which is difficult for me because I hate the idea of putting on fat with the muscle. So far however I have not consumed as many calories as I’m supposed to and despite this I see a difference in my muscle tone which may be a result of lost fat and gained muscle, not sure though.

Being in the gym is still relatively new to me and I find myself intimidated by some of the guys in there with huge muscles pushing big weight while I struggle with minimal amounts of weight per function. I’m trying to not think about it when I’m at the gym and making an effort to concentrate on what I’m doing focusing on proper form. I’ve found a great resource online
called the Exercise and Muscle Directory which shows lots of functions and explains how to perform them properly. Most of the exercises include a small video clip so you can see how it’s performed, this has been a huge asset to me in my attempt to avoid injury particularly to my lower back.

 In the end I would like to gain around 15 to 20 pounds of lean muscle mass and lose 5% body fat. My current body fat, if I remember correctly, is around 18% so my goal is to reach 13% for now.

Yesterday I complete Exercise #2 (lower body) and my legs are pretty sore today. Having extra time today I planned to go to the gym for Exercise #3 but I think it would be best to take the day off. Considering an appointment I had for tomorrow just got canceled, AGAIN, I will make it to the gym tomorrow. 

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